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Automic's superior technology delivers an elegant user experience that’s intuitive, unique, and easy to use. Our handpicked, in-house development team comprises highly experienced senior software engineers and UX designers who have built the platform from the ground up.

Much more than a professional services company, Automic Group is a team of experts, tech innovators, and problem solvers. Our development team are Sydney based and we are well regarded for building high quality software. Our focus is on continuous improvement and innovation, delivering efficiency for clients.

Registry Platform

Our purpose built registry platform is the most robust, innovative, scalable, resilient and user friendly system in the Australian market.

RegistryPRO integrates with our newly developed CoSecPRO platform to deliver clients efficiency like never before.

Redefining the registry experience

  • ISO 9001: 2015 accredited
  • Guaranteed business continuity
  • Highly secure, Australian cloud-based infrastructure
  • User-friendly, intuitive platform
  • Granular detail on all actions and services


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The world’s first Company Secretarial software purpose-built for the Australian market.

CoSecPRO automates time-consuming compliance and administrative tasks accurately and efficiently, saving time and mitigating risk by reducing manual work. RegistryPRO seamlessly integrates with CoSecPRO to provide time-saving automation, compliance and efficiency for Company Secretaries. CoSecPRO also integrates with Board Management Software solutions.

With tailored features for ASIC and ASX compliance, CoSecPRO is the only automated solution to manage tasks including:

  • Appendix 3X, 3Y, 3Z
  • Appendix 3B
  • 7.1 and 7.1A Placement Capacity
  • Circular resolutions, drafting, distribution and signing
  • Minutes based on Agenda
  • Board pack compilation


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