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How Fund Registry Can Help


Looking to move?

If you are not satisfied by your current registry provider’s Fund management capabilities, choose Automic’s integrated technology solution.


Launching a new Fund?

Are you looking to launch a new fund? Ensure you meet compliance and governance standards with Automic. You are in safe hands with Automic and our seamless experience for your investors.


Transform your existing system

Currently managing your Fund Register internally? Choose Automic’s innovative end-to-end solution while staying in control of reporting, insights and communications.


Automated solutions for managing transactions from initiation to unitisation

Access real-time visibility and reporting on all transaction related activity.


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Online Forms

Reduce paperwork, step away from excel spreadsheets with our client branded online application form that streamlines the investor experience.

Access an Investor Portal

Improve efficiency with pre-filled forms, access detailed reporting from an easy-to-use dashboard, including access to all historical trade data, as well as transaction monitoring.

“We value Automic’s modern and intuitive registry technology along with their flexible, customer focused service delivery model.”




The simpler way to maintain and track your investor holdings

Stay on top of registry data with automated updates and real-time access to ownership records.



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Consolidated Reporting

Access and analyse consolidated holder reporting across multiple entities.

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Access a Complete History

Detailed ownership and transfer records at your fingertips – nothing is archived.

“Automic are at the forefront of technological innovation for the registry offering in Australia. The combination of traditional with digital is ideal for Wingate and our investors, in a highly regulated environment.”




Everything you need to stay connected with investors

Use personalisation and automation to create regular, quality communications for unitholders.



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Customised Communication

Present data, customised statements and reports to match investors needs, in branded templates.

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Campaign Insights

Access data on open rates and click-throughs via your dashboard.

“Nanuk is very happy to be partnered with Automic as the registry for our dual-access ETMF quoted on ASX. Automic provides a seamless service for Nanuk, whether flows are on or off market.”


More time
Experience intuitive design and automated workflows to reduce day-to-day administration and enhance investor experience.
Reduce errors
Remove manual entry, paper forms, errors and admin time with our technology focused solution.
Enhanced visibility
Make informed and strategic decisions in real time, with easily accessible reports for trade data, holding movements and investor correspondence.

As an investment manager with a long tradition of innovating in the funds management space, Automic’s focus on delivering innovative registry services was an approach that resonated with us. Both their client and the investor portals have an intuitive interface. Automic’s integrated digital platform is well-suited for the dual-access funds we offer to investors. Combined with their excellent client service, we are proud to partner with Automic.

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