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Employee share plan solutions

Automic are an extension of your team; empowering your employees to understand the value of their share plan awards.

Automated workflows

Ongoing management of your share plan award life-cycle is made easier with our automated workflows, including digital offer invitations, automated vesting schedule management and cashless exercise facilities.

Governance and Compliance

Stay on top of compliance requirements through our intuitive administrator dashboards and dedicated share plan reporting. Run reports on demand or at regular intervals to ensure you do not miss an ASX or financial reporting deadline.

Education and ownership

Our user-friendly participant dashboards give your staff insights into the value of their share plan awards, it prompts them on important upcoming share plan dates and educates them on key share plan terminology.

Expert support and guidance

Our dedicated ESP team are here to support both administrators and participants every step of the way. From guidance on drafting share plan communications to interactive employee education sessions, our experienced team is committed to partnering with you to ensure the ongoing success of your employee share plans.


Explore our ESP platform features

In-built compliance reminders and alerts
Stay on top of important tasks and deadlines with intuitive alerts and reminders.

Our portal alerts and reminders are built to assist HR/Reward, Finance, Legal and Company Secretarial team members in working together to ensure seamless ongoing plan management.

Employee dashboard
Gain a comprehensive view of equity awards and plan-related information.

As an extension of your team, we work with you to ensure your employees are empowered with the information to make informed decisions and stay connected to their equity journey.

Automate vesting management
Achieve greater flexibility and control with advanced award vesting management.

Manage different award vesting schedules easily by toggling auto-vesting on and off, schedule reminders for internal stakeholders and calculate pro-rated vesting outcomes before the vesting date.

Employee Share Scheme Tax Reporting

At Automic Group, we understand that end-of-financial-year tax reporting for Employee Share Schemes (ESS) can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer a comprehensive ESS tax reporting service that takes the burden off your in-house teams and enhances the employee experience.

Superior Service and an Enhanced Employee Experience

Saves Time for your In-House Teams

FY 24 ESS Statements and Annual Report are created using dedicated software that will accommodate existing system transactions or external data load.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Our comprehensive FY24 ESS statement will explain the calculation of ESS income along with a glossary of key terms, providing clarity and reducing queries from your ESS participants. We deliver the ESS statement to participants using a customisable email communication and provide support on any participant queries from our dedicated plan administration team.

Compliant Software

Our ESS reporting software is compliant with ATO electronic reporting obligations and can handle the lodgement of annual reports, amendments and revisions.

Hassle Free ESS Reporting Process

Plan Review and Analysis

We review Share Plan Documentation to determine tax treatment of the Plan and prepare the reportable data file (this can also be supplied by external advisors and/or the company).

Data Collection and Cleansing

We collate and cleanse participant demographic data and resolve queries if required.

Global Mobility Considerations

For globally mobile employees we agree whether gross or assessable amounts are to be reported and adjust taxable values as required.

Experience ESS Excellence

Our Employee Share Scheme Tax Reporting services form part of a complete Employee Share Plan experience that can take care of everything from issuing electronic invitations to your employees and providing automated reminders for upcoming vesting events to real-time share plan reporting access for your internal teams.

Our integrated investor portal offers a unified login for both ordinary shareholders and share plan participants, ensuring a smooth participant experience and empowering your employees to comprehend the full value of their share plan participation.


We had been with a competitor since our listing in 2016, and felt apprehensive about switching. However, the Automic team took care of everything, and required no involvement from us.

They handled everything diligently over a weekend, providing us with comprehensive documentation and information to update our shareholders and stakeholders. We were thrilled by the effortless nature of the entire process.



“Our experience with Automic’s Employee Share Plan Administration service has been great. Their expert team and dedicated plan administration technology streamlined our ongoing share plan activities, saving us significant time by sending digital offer invitations to eligible staff members, simplifying ongoing reporting requirements, and increasing transparency of outstanding share plan awards for employees.

Automic’s professionalism and expertise are evident and this has resulted in a more cohesive experience for internal stakeholders.”

Ben Brooks, CFO Livehire



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