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Our Solutions

Automic Group’s tailored professional services seamlessly integrate with our advanced technology platform to help you easily navigate the complexities of risk, compliance, auditing and ESG to generate long term growth and capital growth.

Our leading platform reduces the risk of human error with automated workflows. At the same time, our expert team of Company Secretaries, ESG advisors, financial experts and accountants, corporate actions and investor relations teams give proactive guidance and support.


Fast and simple international payments at competitive rates


Automic Group has partnered with OFX, a leading global international payment services provider headquartered in Australia, to deliver international payments directly to an investor’s nominated bank account in the currency of their choice. OFX facilitates payments to over 170 countries in 50+ currencies and has transferred AU$200+ billion globally.

Moving funds worldwide is now faster, easier and cheaper with Automic Group.

Fast and flexible payments

Make fast digital payments direct to a nominated foreign account. Most payments received within 1-3 business days following the payment date.

Cost effective

Preserve investors’ money with competitive exchange rates that beat the banks. A low OFX margin of 0.75% is built into the foreign exchange rate quoted, and no or low OFX transaction fees apply.

Secure Payments with ease

Investors can simply log into their Automic account (protected by multi-factor authentication), input their nominated account details, and together, Automic and OFX take care of the rest. Investors can have confidence that funds will arrive securely and safely into their nominated bank account.

Robust risk management
The OFX risk management and compliance programs are managed by a global team. With 500+ employees globally, the ASX listed OFX has offices in eight jurisdictions around the world and is regulated by over 50 regulators.

Collaborative teamwork

We handpick a cross-functional team tailored to the specific requirements of your entity’s security-holder management, corporate activity, and compliance requirements.

Our project management software and automated technology solutions reduce the administrative burden, freeing up your senior executives to focus on high-level tasks that deliver value to your bottom line.


Tailored solutions that scale

We’ve built a fully integrated cloud-based registry platform designed to scale, increase efficiency for clients by delivering and responsive and intuitive digital experience.

Our technology incorporates the latest advances in development to set new standards in usability, scalability, reliability, efficiency, and innovation.

Take better care of your investors and business with Automic