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Automic Board Management

A secure and integrated solution that automates and streamlines board management

Enhance the way you work with Automic. Access and manage all documentation in one portal for improved efficiency and compliance.


Automated for efficiency

Enhance the way you work. With Automic, you can access and manage all documentation in one portal and improve, efficiency, consistency and compliance.

Save time

Purpose-built dashboards, document templates and workflows save hours on meeting preparation, administration and follow-up.

Simple and integrated

Keep directors in the picture with easy integration of registry data into board documents and dashboards.

Key features at a glance

A central and secure location for governance and board management

Meeting Packs

Create and manage agendas and board papers easily and efficiently with automated agenda content management in one secure cloud-based location. Easily distribute to board members for comments, review and sign off within the module.

Board Packs


Draft minutes are created automatically from the agenda content and board papers. These can be easily updated during a meeting in real time. Minutes are distributed electronically for comments and electronic signing by the chairperson.

Expedite action items

Create action items directly from minutes. Assign and manage these items through an interactive dashboard that allows individuals to create comments and manage due dates.

Action Items

Circular resolutions

Create circular resolutions within the secure portal and automatically email them to directors for electronic signing using our proprietary e-sign solution.

Automic’s platform is by far the most timesaving and cost reducing tool for listed entity Company Secretarial duties I am aware of. Board management activities are more cohesive as the technology reduces errors in reporting and data storage management is enhanced.

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Learn more about how Automic Board Management can improve efficiency, accuracy and data success for you and your board members.

A new benchmark for registry

Take your registry experience to the next level with Automic’s powerful platform and hands-on professional services.