Annual General Meetings

Using best in class technology, we can assist with your AGM

Everything you need in one place

We know that each business has different AGM requirements, that’s why we are committed to offering you a compliant and secure AGM solution that is tailored to your business and shareholder needs.

Everything you need in one place

An end-to-end offering

When you partner with Automic Group for your AGM, your Customer Success Manager will work with you in planning  your meeting to ensure the most suitable format and approach.

By combining our expert team with our integrated technology, we can manage your AGM process from end-to-end ensuring a seamless experience for your business, board members and shareholders.

An end-to-end offering

Our technology and people deliver unparalleled engagement for shareholders

Purpose built technology solutions that are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the market, clients and on-going legislative changes.

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Our technology and people deliver unparalleled engagement for shareholders

In 2020, 100% of our clients said they were satisfied with the Automic Group team, their knowledge, professionalism and the support provided for their virtual AGM.

Why Automic Group?

Integrated technology

Reduce risk, increase accuracy and manage a seamless AGM with one platform.

End-to-end support

Our team of experts will support you at all stages to ensure a successful AGM delivery.


Access real-time reporting from voting and provide shareholders with ease of meeting access on multiple device types.

Security and accuracy

With the only cloud-based registry and meeting platform, your shareholder data remains in one place.

Our commitment to quality and security

Automic Group’s technology products are built with security combined with performance at the core. Automic maintain internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 accreditations to ensure we provide the highest levels of quality and security for our clients. 

Our commitment to quality and security

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