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Our Story

We saw an opportunity to change the way the industry operated. For too long the registry industry had operated on old technology which ultimately delivers an inferior service, limited access to data and excessive costs for clients. The Automic Group is proudly changing the industry and clients are embracing the benefits.

Using the extensive experience of our management team and a crack team of local software developers, we began building an end-to-end registries system. We are a technology-focussed, customer-centric company that is building quality solutions to exceed client expectations.

An Integrated Solution

Listening to market demand, we learned that providing additional in-house services for our clients was the next step in developing our offering.

Merging with like-minded professional service operators was a priority, and after significant investigation, we identified both Whittens & McKeough and CFO Innovations as a complementary fit with our vision and customer service approach. Together, these firms extend our overall offering to include Legal, Accounting Solutions and Company Secretarial Services.

An Integrated Solution

Our Alternative Approach

As a combined group, we now have a very focussed and experienced Board who challenge the status quo and excel in doing things differently.

Ultimately, we’re driven by a desire to deliver real value and commercial results for our clients. Our recent growth proves that if you offer great service, combined with value for money pricing, then clients will come.

Our Alternative Approach

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