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Our Culture

Our absolute number one priority is company culture. Our unwavering belief is that if we get the culture right, the other stuff like building a long-term enduring brand or delivering exceptional customer service will naturally evolve.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of our organisation and culture. They are our guiding light for our staff and for our clients.


Teamwork and unity allow us to be powerful and move forward with our goals – we communicate, collaborate, celebrate the wins and together, achieve great things.


We are kind and respectful to each other and to our clients – with open perspectives, we all work together to make better decisions.


We are motivated by our personal and company goals - we strive to meet each one so that can meet opportunities of growth and are willing to change and encourage one another.

Customer Success

Our quality of service is driven by delivery superior products, solutions and services to our clients – we thrive on making our clients happy and satisfied.


Empowering people

Our Company is focused on empowering our people and maintaining accessibility in an egoless environment. We encourage transparency within the team by sharing openly, honestly and intuitively. It’s in our DNA to support and encourage our employees to participate in programs that will further develop their career, and nothing excites us more than illuminating innovative thinkers and rising talent.

Better together

We believe a positive and collaborative work environment is paramount to success. This is why we’ve created an open-plan office in the Deutsche Bank building complete with state-of-the-art boardrooms, multi-functioning breakout areas, and desks for solo use and team interactions. Our purpose-built communal kitchen is a central hub for socialisation, celebration and regular team events.


The vibe

At Automic, we are a proud, diverse and supportive team of innovative problem solvers. We take pride in devising individual solutions for our clients’ pain points, whilst providing the highest possible customer service. Teamwork takes precedence over hierarchy, and there’s a great sense of energy in all that we do. We understand the need for workplace flexibility and enjoy the opportunity to open our office to our family in holiday periods.

Continuous improvement

We believe company culture is important and that every employee helps to shape and evolve our culture. We are invested in striving to better ourselves in everything we do which is why each year we measure ourselves to ensure we are operating more effectively and efficiently.


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