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Enhanced functionality, efficiency and accuracy

Unitholder Management

The simpler way to maintain and track your investor holdings.

Track and report on every registry change

Stay on top of registry data with automated updates and real-time access to ownership records.

Unitholder Communications

Everything you need to stay connected with investors.

Proactive updates for a better investor experience

Use personalisation and automation to create regular, quality communications for unitholders.

Unitholder Services

Deliver a premium, streamlined unitholder experience.

Easy to Use Tools

Skip traditional signatures and duplicate forms with all online tools and tasks available through a single centralised portal.

Unitholder Payments

Management and support for an efficient payment process.

A complete solution for every type of payment

All the technology and support you need to take care of funding and communication.

Regulatory Requirements

Meet all regulatory and ATO reporting requirements with ease.

The easy way to meet obligations

Let automation relieve you of the burden of preparing and submitting mandatory reports.

Reporting & Dashboards

Complete visibility of your data to support insights and strategic decisions.

Tap into the power of data

Stay in control of how you present insights and analysis for projects, reporting periods and audiences.

API Integration

API Technology to integrate seamlessly with your other apps and platforms.

Move towards a single view of company-wide data

Our system supports automatic data transfer to existing workflows and technologies.

Transaction Processing

Complete solution for fund managers, advisers, and investors.

Automated solution for managing transactions from initiation to unitisation

Real time visibility and reporting at your fingertips on all transaction related activity.

Capital Calls

End-to-end execution of the entire capital call process.

A safe pair of hands and advanced technology

Tools, support and expertise to guide you through time critical execution of capital calls.

Security and Compliance

A secure end-to-end proprietary platform, hosted in Australia.

Comprehensive Security Protocols

Automic follows strict adherence to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 quality standards, with strong cryptographic standards across all customer data, encrypted with TLS in transit and AES-256 at rest.

Automic are at the forefront of technological innovation for the registry offering in Australia. The combination of traditional with digital is ideal for Wingate and our investors, in a highly regulated environment.


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