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Discover our market leading features and functionality

Leading the way with tech-enabled share registry support

Enhanced functionality, efficiency and accuracy

Shareholder management

The simple way to maintain and track investor holdings.

Track and report on every registry change

The simple way to stay on top of registry data with automated updates and real-time access to ownership records.

Shareholder services

Deliver a premium, streamlined shareholder experience.

A simple, consolidated set of tools

Investors can skip wet signatures and duplicate forms, with all tasks completed online through a single portal.

Shareholder communications

Everything you need to stay connected with shareholders.

Proactive updates for a better investor experience

Use personalisation and automation to create regular, high-quality communications for shareholders.


Support throughout the listing process from Australia’s leading IPO registry provider.

A safe pair of hands and a strong track record

Tools, support and expertise to guide you through critical events in the life of your company.

Shareholder payments

Management and support for an efficient payment process.

A complete solution for every type of payment

All the technology and support you need to take care of funding and communication.

Corporate actions

A complete solution for planning and execution.

Rely on technology and expertise to navigate complexity

Access to accurate data and an expert team keeps things simple and on schedule for every corporate action.

Meeting services

Complete support for AGMs and stakeholder meetings.

Take the stress out of meetings with our purpose-built tools

Integration with our registry platform and support from your Customer Success Manager leaves nothing to chance.

Director management

Ensure compliance with tracking and instant alerts on director holdings.

Advanced and automated management for director holdings

More accuracy and less compliance and paperwork for directors.

Capital management

Stay on top of compliance with our automated cap table system.

A dynamic solution for managing issued capital

Our automated system handles updates, paperwork and lodgments.

Employee plans

A flexible, proactive way to manage employee plans.

A simple solution for all securities

Our comprehensive system supports employee plans alongside your main securities register.

Regulatory requirements

Meet all regulatory and ATO reporting requirements with ease.

The easy way to meet obligations

Let automation ease the burden of preparing and submitting mandatory reporting.

Reporting & dashboards

Complete visibility of your data to support insights and better decisions.

Tap into the power of data

Stay in control of how you present insights and analysis for projects, reporting periods and audiences.

Document management

Create a single, secure source of truth for internal documents.

Your secure governance hub for important documents

The Automic portal offers an easy way to organise and share documents securely.

Real-time data

Access live shareholder data for instant, accurate updates.

Get an instant snapshot of your registry data

Make data-informed decisions with reliable, up-to-date information on demand.

API integration

Technology that integrates with your other apps and platforms.

Move towards a single view of company-wide data

Our system supports automatic data transfer to existing workflows and technologies.

Automic Group’s Capital Markets and Customer Success teams seamlessly consulted and managed our complex requirements on a very tight timetable. Their depth of experience coupled with technology allowed us to track the various offers in real time which was impressive. The team were there with us at every step to ensure our success.


Automic pattern

Australia’s fastest growing share registry

Automic is the number one share registry in Australia, with 750 ASX listed clients.

We work with more than 1,400 listed and unlisted companies and our leading-edge solutions, including employee share plans, company secretarial, ESG, accounting and finance, and investor and media relations, are being taken up by more and more organisations.

Four out of five listed companies making a share registry transition are moving to Automic Group and enjoying the benefits of our superior technology and service offering.