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In the fast-moving digital economy and information gathering and sharing, it is important that private information of businesses, consumers and individuals is protected and handled correctly.

Breaches of privacy obligations and laws are serious and can pose significant reputational and financial risks and with regulators closely monitoring privacy law and compliance, the importance of adhering to privacy laws is greater than ever.

Automic Legal has extensive experience in assisting understand privacy obligations and implement practices that are compliant with the privacy law and regulatory frameworks.

Automic Legal can assist with developing a best practice in the way you handle private information and data protection and has done so for companies in the technology, software, telecommunications, media and e-commerce industries. It does so by advising on:

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Our tech, IP and privacy services include:

Advising on privacy and mandatory beach reporting obligations, including potential exposure of directors

Tailoring a best practice approach to privacy and data protection measures

Privacy and data protection risk identification and management

Reputation management

Investigations, prosecutions and collateral civil litigation

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