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A work-life balance win

Calista Chia’s extensive career journey in the financial services industry is testament to her ambitious nature and a healthy appetite to keep learning and growing at every opportunity.

From broking crude oil to investment banking roles, trading and private wealth management positions, Calista’s professional life has seen her work internationally for high-profile organisations – including Coutts, the King’s bank, in London.

Two years ago, Calista was looking for her next right-fit role. She wanted to shift gears, but also lean into her 20 plus years of relationship management skills and the extensive industry expertise she had acquired.

Calista came across a Client Services Manager role opening at Automic Group and delving into her decision to apply for the role, Calista reminisced about the vision for the growth of Automic that was shared with her in her interview, as well as shared values. “I believed in the story,” she reflected. “I wanted to grow with Automic.”

Calista joined Automic’s Perth team and thrived. She enjoyed being part of the building of a business experiencing fast growth. Then as she approached her one-and-a-half-year anniversary, her family life threw her a curveball.

Making a move with confidence

Calista is a mum and when her eldest daughter received an offer to attend university in Melbourne, her first thoughts went to how she was going to be able support her child’s ambitions and continue to work for a company she had grown with.

She need not have been concerned, as the opportunity to move offices was well-supported and sufficient transition time was provided to manage her personal and professional commitments.

She expressed gratitude for the support Automic allowed during this period, allowing her to prioritise her family’s needs.

“There was a lot of flexibility provided at the time of my move and I’m very appreciative to Automic for this. The opportunity was there for me to prioritise my personal adjustments alongside my commitment to my professional responsibilities.”


Calista travelling in Japan – her favourite country.

A strong sense of culture

For Calista, the approach to her manager and the request for an office transfer was made more comfortable by the fact she truly felt “at home” at Automic.

Calista reflected on the unique culture at Automic, praising the sense of community and support she has felt from day one.

“I really love the people at Automic. The culture that has been created is extremely unique. In this day and age, it’s rare to find something as special as what Automic has.”

Calista acknowledged Automic’s approach to pulse-checking the mood of its people to ensure the organisation continues to develop a healthy and rewarding working environment. Afterall, it’s an easy thing for companies to push an ideal of culture that actually does not fit with the reality that employees are living or feeling.

This close attention given to creating a rich and rewarding workplace atmosphere has been a factor in Automic Group being acknowledged as a Great Place to Work®,  a certification that acknowledges great workplace cultures.

Calista enjoying Diwali celebrations with her colleagues.

A place to feel proud

Having had the journey she has; Calista is a strong advocate of Automic’s culture having a real impact on her and her work ethic. From proudly wearing her branded t-shirt (and her vocal encouragement to teammates to wear theirs!), she believes in the small things that foster a real and large sense of unity, like a uniform. “We feel like one team, one group, one family.”

For Calista, building the company’s identity together in unison means everyone can feel proud of the common goals and outcomes the business is working towards. At Automic, there’s a real sense of appreciation for the work that employees undertake.

Making a life decision that has both personal and professional impact is hard, but when your employer supports and encourages you through enormous change, the undertaking becomes a little less daunting.

And sometimes, something small like wearing your work t-shirt can make everything feel that little bit easier to do too.

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