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A day in the life of: Eric Merven, Customer Success Manager

With over 5 years’ experience as a Customer Success Manager, Eric Merven knows what it takes to make business easier for our clients.

What is your role at Automic?

I started at Automic Group as a Customer Success Manager in June 2018. Back then I was one of almost 20 employees in the entire company, and less than a handful of us were based in our Perth office. We were a mixture of Business Development and Customer Success Managers working alongside our teammates, based in the Sydney office.

Seeing the Perth office explode today to almost 70 people, and the company being 250-strong over three cities, has been an incredible thing to witness.

What is your approach to managing your daily/weekly workload?

Being customer-focused, time is of the essence. My first priority for the day is to action any client requests as quickly as possible (I have 60 clients to manage), to make their day easier. I focus on aiming to complete a requested task on the day it comes in, and if something happens that inhibits that, I always confirm on the same day with the client when it will be completed. Strong lines of communication are essential and this has helped me build great relationships with my clients over the years.

Eric and his son Tommy.

What new skills/professional development have you acquired working at Automic?

Prior to Automic I spent 15 years in the superannuation arm of one of the Big 4. Coming to Automic meant being in my first customer-facing role, so developing client relationship skills has been a key focus of my professional development. Working alongside experts in customer-facing registry positions is not something I take for granted either, I am learning from my colleagues all the time.

I absolutely love my job and I find myself learning something new every week. The role is intricate and complex, with so many moving parts for my clients who all have different requirements. There’s always something new to add to my learnings from the last time – whether it be scheme meetings, liquidations, board spills or even working on a large scale take-over project.

Plus, the ever-increasing technical knowledge from the platform we have built still blows my mind!

What do you like most about working at Automic Group?

The challenge! I love the fact that we have come from being a start-up, to disruptors, to market leaders. I enjoy being part of a growing company, adapting to the evolving change and implementing processes to ensure we continue to delight our customers.

I also love that our incredible operating system is something clients constantly comment on, saying, “It actually works!”, which we know of course, but is always great to hear! We appreciate the benefit of having an internally built IT-platform that can continue to be improved to suit our clients’ needs.

Our registry platform is also very intuitive, and it makes working with it and demonstrating it a pleasure and our clients (and their shareholders!) who all love it.

Eric with his Perth teammates.

What are you looking forward to achieving at Automic Group in future?

As the fastest-growing registry in the country, I am excited to see what comes next.

We are all about making it easier for our clients to do business, and as I’ve watched our platform evolve, it’s hard not to get excited about what other great things we’ll be able to do in future.

I’m also looking forward to seeing more and more clients experience the benefits of Automic’s broad business solutions – like employee share plans, ESG advisory, and investor and media relations. There are so many good things happening across our different departments, which are offering some truly unique and exceptional services.

Lastly, what can’t you get through the workday without?

The banter from the team! I am a massive fan of keeping work fun and the general chit chat and humour that comes from working in such a great team makes every day enjoyable.


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