Zip Co | Automic Group

A full-service support model sees an increase in Zip’s market capitalisation from approximately $20M at IPO to in excess of $250M

Client Success Story

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The Company

Zip Co provides a variety of integrated Retail Finance solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses across numerous industries, both online and in-store

The Challenge

Zip Co’s relationship with the Automic Group commenced when the business was in its early stages of growth. Initially, the company was relying on the founders for the majority of finance and governance resourcing and required support across the Company Secretarial, CFO, and accounting functions.

How the Automic Group Delivered

Automic Group provided comprehensive support across the company’s finance and governance requirements. This full-service support model offered the flexibility to gradually scale back, as the Zip Co team grew organically.

The group’s key value lay in providing the services of a business partner with valuable experience across ASIC and the ASX, with a strong track record in resolving issues that affect companies operating in a listed environment.

“The Automic Group team were awesome, being instrumental in helping us transition from a start-up to the public markets. Speed and agility are integral in disruptive innovation, and the Automic Group delivered, allowing us to confidently meet our governance and financial reporting obligations in our fast-paced environment.”

The Results

Zip Co enjoyed sustained success, growing from a zero base in 2013 to over 1.3 million happy customers today and an increase in their market capitalisation from approximately $20 million at IPO to in excess of $250 million.

The partnership with the Automic Group enabled Zip to fill gaps within their internal teams in a cost-effective manner while they were in the process of scaling their business while meeting all their regulatory and reporting requirements.