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Harnessing advanced IPO technologies to deliver real time IPO intelligence for Spheria

by Automic IT
Jun 1, 2024 8:08:39 AM


The Company

Spheria Emerging Companies Limited (ASX:SEC) is a Listed Investment Company providing investors with access to an actively managed, small and micro companies portfolio spanning Australia and New Zealand, offering capital growth and portfolio diversification.

The Challenge

Spheria’s IPO aimed to raise at least $100M. The company needed access to real time information to aid decision making and additionally sought a simple and rapid online application experience for investors.

How the Automic Group Delivered

The Automic Group supported the IPO in the capacity of Registry partner and provided access to an advanced online application portal. The group’s technology enabled the automated processing and reconciliation of applications, ensuring a constant flow of real time information to the client team.

Automic’s technology systems captured information that was important for Spheria, including identifying investor types, as well as tracking how general retail investors came to hear about the offer. This intel enabled Spheria to measure the success of their various marketing campaigns.

The application portals provided investors with the flexibility to make electronic payment through both BPay and EFT. The system also automated key communications, including application confirmations, payment requests and reminders. Through the Automic Issuer Portal, Spheria had access to a live IPO dashboard which provided key analytics on how the offer was advancing through the various offer channels. Additionally, the team had access to other features, including on demand IPO reports and the ability to search and view all applicant details.

The Results

The offer was a success with Spheria raising $132 million, listing on the ASX in December 2017 and setting new benchmarks in the use of automated technology within an IPO.