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Automic Group and Australian FinTech partnership

Australian FinTech and Automic Group partnership

Automic Group, Australia’s leading professional services provider for listed and unlisted entities, and Australian FinTech, Australia’s leading resource for financial technology news and information, have partnered for the betterment of the Fintech industry.

“We have been searching for the perfect company to partner with that is the most beneficial for the Australian Fintech community,” said Australian FinTech CEO Cameron Dart.

“When we saw that Automic Group offers integrated technology solutions – combined with Legal, Registry, Company Secretarial, Governance and Finance services – we knew they were the perfect match.

“From pre-launch, start-ups and scale-ups, to ASX-listed entities and multi-nationals, the products and services that Automic Group provide are not only wanted, they’re needed by industry players,” Dart added.

Founded in 2012, Automic Group has grown rapidly and is now the third largest share registry provider in Australia. Managing Director Paul Williams believes that Automic’s advantage is a strong technology-focus, deep industry experience and committed staff with an absolute focus on delivering quality solutions that exceed client expectations. Their services are designed to meet the needs of all Fintechs, no matter the size.

Williams said, “Automic Group delivers innovative technology and integrated professional services to help businesses grow and succeed. So this is a great opportunity for us to offer our products and services to Fintechs and to help these companies grow, scale and assist with their ongoing needs.”

“With Australian FinTech being at the forefront of Fintech in Australia, this is a great partnership to service the ever-growing industry,” Williams added.