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Many companies are using alternatives to hiring an in-house Company Secretary

With on-going changes to legislation and regulatory requirements it’s vital that businesses hire an experienced Company Secretary with a skill set designed to complement their Board of Directors. As the emphasis on governance and compliance continues to evolve, it is essential all Company Secretarial solutions are multi-faceted and adaptable to change. You need to have the confidence that your full compliance requirements are efficiently and continuously managed and we have the solution.

Many companies are using alternatives to hiring an in-house Company Secretary

We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements

Automic Group are the preeminent leader and largest outsourced provider in Australia with over 100 companies choosing us for Company Secretarial assistance. Our team operates to ISO 9001 quality standards and is administered by experienced and qualified corporate lawyers. We work with you to develop and maintain effective governance and compliance frameworks to support you in managing your organisations risk and compliance in line with regulations.

Company Secretarial Technology

Our unique service offering is supported by purpose-built Company Secretarial technology, differentiating us from other providers and ensuring your companies governance and compliance management is measured, maintained and adapted within this dynamic regulatory environment.

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