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Just what the company secretary ordered

Unparalleled functionality, efficiency and automation

Automic’s next generation software delivers an unrivalled experience that revolutionises share registry, governance and board management.

Discover our new range of tools and features that use ledgers to deliver fast and accurate management of issued capital and director holdings.

01More time

Intuitive design and automated workflows to reduce day-to-day governance and reporting admin.

02Less errors

Fully integrated cap table and director holdings with instant alerts and real-time calculation to reduce manual entry and improve accuracy.

03Enhanced visibility

Real-time data that is integrated to provide you with enhanced visibility and a single source of truth at anytime.

Australia’s fastest growing share registry

Automic offers functionality, automation and efficiency purpose built for company secretaries. Discover why four out of five listed companies making a share registry transition transition are moving to Automic Group.

Take your registry experience to the next level with Automic Registry and Board Management