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What Is the Role of a Company Secretary?

what is the role of a company secretary

A company secretary is an officer of the company. They have many of the same duties and obligations as directors, as set out in the Corporations Act and common law.

Their primary function is to support the board of directors by administering the affairs and managing the business of the board. This includes attendance at board meetings and providing advice as required to the Board of Directors

A company secretary is the main liaison with ASX, ASIC and other interested stakeholders. Company secretaries for ASX entities are principally responsible for being the main communications officer of the company. They are required to have a deep understanding of the ASX listing rules and guidance notes, and the administration of ASIC related tasks, such as seeking approvals, waivers and submission of forms.

With the growing scrutiny on the corporate governance practices of companies, there is an increased expectation that company secretaries should be accountable to the Board on governance matters, which includes the administration of policies, procedures and other governance frameworks.

The role can vary significantly according to the specific needs of each organisation. It’s also common for company secretaries to undertake a number of other key business responsibilities, such as Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel and sometimes even a Director.

How can Automic Group assist with company secretarial services?

Our company secretarial team services over 100 entities, and can provide a range of support services tailored to every need. Automic offers two main types of company secretarial services:

  1. Named company secretary – A full service offering in which a dedicated member of our team sits on the Board as a named officer of the company.
  2. Company secretarial support – Providing support to an existing company secretary. This aids existing company secretarial staff by providing bench strength with comfort of having a team of qualified company secretaries to empower them and assist with their workload.

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