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Enero Group’s smooth transition to Automic Group

Client Success Story

 Enero Group’s smooth transition to Automic Group

Company Overview

Enero Group is a leading player in modern marketing; they manage a global network of marketing and communications businesses with over 1000 employees across thirteen cities worldwide.

Their comprehensive services cover creative and content, integrated communications and PR, digital, data, analytics, and technology. Notable brands within the group include Hotwire, CPR, BMF, Orchard, and OBMedia.


In early 2019, Enero Group engaged Automic for board management technology to create efficiencies for board and executive-level meetings.

Enero Group had an existing relationship with Market Eye for investor relations. When Automic acquired Market Eye in 2022, Enero saw the opportunity to consolidate the service offering.

In 2023, Enero Group transitioned their share registry to Automic Group for the compound value of integrated registry, board management and investor relations technology, managed by one go-to customer success manager.

The Challenge

Enero Group faced significant challenges with their existing share registry provider, including long turnaround times for simple requests and difficulty understanding the reports they received. Additionally, the incumbent platform interface was complicated to navigate.

As virtual and hybrid board meetings became the standard, Enero sought a modern board meeting software solution to enhance their experience.

Enero Group was eager to improve accuracy regarding the register, the management of meeting agendas, annotations, documents, board meeting discussions, and meeting minutes.

The burden of manual tasks and administrative slowed the ability to respond to investors and manage expectations effectively. The lack of technological functionality particularly fueled growing frustrations.

How Automic Delivered

Automic has delivered cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness. Enero sought advanced insights into their shareholders through an integrated registry and investor relations analytics solution.

By leveraging the combined offering of board management, investor relations and registry, Enero maximises efficiencies.


Automic delivered an easy-to-use solution supported by a team of experts. Since transitioning, Enero Group has benefited from a dedicated customer success manager (CSM), scheduled reports, and self-service capabilities, each of which (and more) have helped them automate manual processes and increase efficiencies.

The Automic platform’s capital management and director management features have revolutionised the company secretarial team’s ability to prepare reports and stay on top of compliance requirements.

02Streamlined board
management experience

Automic’s modern, responsive, and user-friendly platform has removed confusing options and increased productivity among Enero Group board members.

The platform’s intuitive usability allowed stakeholders to quickly grasp its features, with the advantage of accessing a friendly call centre in Australia staffed by experienced professionals available to assist with specific challenges.

03Smooth transition to
share registry

Automic managed every aspect of transitioning from Enero Group’s previous provider. Automic meticulously handled the transition, including importing all historical data, undergoing comprehensive testing and reconciling data for accuracy.

The go-live date involved pre-populated forms for lodging with ASIC and collaboration with Enero Group’s IT team to update shareholder information on their corporate website without any downtime.

04Successful AGM and
ongoing investor relations

Integrated share registry and investor relations analysis provide significant advantages to Enero Group; they have a comprehensive view of their shareholder base and valuable insights into beneficial ownership.

Deep analysis helps identify the ultimate owners behind the nominee and custodian accounts to understand the shareholder landscape and potential voting powers. The integrated analysis enables Enero Group to identify significant shareholders, track ownership trends, and tailor their investor relations strategies accordingly.

“The registry portal has delivered better self-service functionality so the internal team can access information on demand. Also, Automic’s ability to manage overseas shareholders for dividend payments is far superior and made quite a difference when we recently had overseas share issues.”

Cathy Hoyle, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

The Results


They have increased efficiencies through automated processes, including streamlined reporting.


Reduced risk of human error by removing spreadsheets and manual tasks instead, workflows are set up in the Automic platform.


Multiple services under one roof have proved to be a cost-effective solution thanks to transparent fees.


The integrated registry and investor relations technology has given leadership an even greater understanding of the share register.


Enhanced compliance and corporate governance practices with integrated data across the share registry analytics and investor relations.


The register is ready to be integrated with the employee share plan features this year.

Testimonial from Enero Group

Automic has proven to be an invaluable partner in our journey towards efficient investor relations and registry.

The investor relations offering has been instrumental in elevating our communication and engagement with our shareholders. Their advanced technology platform provides real-time reporting capabilities, allowing us to stay informed and responsive to our investors’ needs.

Comprehensive insights and a user-friendly interface have transformed our investor relations practices, enabling us to deliver timely and accurate information to our stakeholders.

The transition of our share registry to Automic was a remarkably smooth process. From the initial stages to the final go-live date, Automic handled every aspect with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The experienced team guided us through each step, ensuring a seamless migration of our shareholder data and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The comprehensive testing and reconciliation procedures implemented by Automic gave us confidence in the accuracy of our share registry, providing peace of mind.

One of the standout capabilities of Automic is the impressive technology and the Automic platform. It is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing us to access critical information and generate reports efficiently. The advanced dashboards and tools have sped up day-to-day operations, saving us valuable time and reducing the chance of human error.

Cathy Hoyle, ENERO Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

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