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Automic Group 2022-2023 WGEA Pay Gap Statement

WGEA Pay Gap Statement

At Automic, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that reflects both our customers and the communities in which we operate.
At the heart of our culture, is our Automic values. One of our values, Equality, we define as being ‘kind and respectful to each other and our clients – with open perspectives, we all work together to make better decisions’.

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture relies on our ability to understand through key data points such as our engagement survey and gender analysis, where we are today, and developing a targeted action plan to drive improvements and enhance our employee experience.

We confirm that we pay our people according to their experience, competencies, and performance. We do not pay people differently based on their gender. The gender pay gap (10.6%) is caused by us having a lower proportion of females in senior roles and a higher proportion of females in non-manager roles.

Our 2022-23 submission demonstrates that the gender pay gap has improved over the previous year. Further, since the submission (May 2023), we have appointed two experienced female leaders to the executive leadership team significantly reducing the gender pay gap at that level (KMP).

We continue to remain committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that includes gender balance and equity.