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Our experienced team of lawyers and Company Secretaries work cohesively to deliver a full range of corporate governance services.

We help organisations comply with legal, compliance and regulatory requirements to achieve best practice standards.

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Our experienced team of lawyers and Company Secretaries work cohesively to deliver a full range of corporate governance services.

Corporate governance is about enabling organisations to control risks and assuring compliance. Our purpose-built corporate governance solutions empower listed and unlisted entities to more confidently navigate the challenges of the dynamic governance landscape.

Expert governance services and support

Risk assessment

We conduct risk assessment audits of corporate governance and compliance documents and procedures to identify deficiencies and suggest improvements. 
This includes providing solutions to anti-bribery, corruption, modern slavery and whistleblower compliance requirements and assistance in implementing them.

Satisfaction of regulatory requirements or best practice standards

We provide or amend documentation and procedures to bring entities into line 
with regulatory requirements or best practice standards (including with a socially ethical lens). For ASX listed entities, we advise on the changes required to positively report against as many of the new Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th edition, February 2019) as possible.

Review against industry reports

We would be pleased to conduct a review of your entity’s practices and procedures against those recommended in relevant industry reports such as the CBA Prudential Inquiry Final Report or the Royal Commission Report into Misconduct in the Banyans, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

Training workshops

We prepare or facilitate training workshops, presentations and refresher courses in relation to governance and compliance to ensure the entire organisation understands its importance and how to implement procedures.

Internal and external investigations

We advise and assist clients with internal investigations, such as those resulting from whistleblower alerts and external investigations by regulators such as ASIC.

Whistle blower facilitation services

We provide whistleblower facilitation services to comply with your whistleblower policies.

Minimise governance and compliance risks

The market now demands greater accountability, scrutiny and exposure of directors and organisations who fail to comply with laws, regulations and ethical considerations.

It is therefore crucial that board members implement robust corporate governance policies and strong but flexible procedures that comply with changing regulatory requirements, mitigate risk and still enable the business to function and grow.

The Automic Company Secretarial team work cohesively to assess, strategise and implement policies and procedures that:

  • Minimise these governance and compliance risks for directors and their organisations

  • Are robust and reliable and take into account current market views on accountability and socially ethical considerations

  • Are flexible enough to allow ongoing business growth

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