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Automic becomes number one share registry in Australia for ASX-listed companies

by Prue Roberts
8 March 2024

Key highlights:

  • Automic Group has become the number one registry provider in Australia with 750 of the 2300 trading companies on the ASX
  • Automic Group completed one of the largest registry services transitions in Australia, moving 180 companies from Advanced Share Registry Limited onto the Automic share registry platform in a single weekend
  • Automic claimed the top spot after being in operations for only eight years due to its modern registry technology offering significant improvements in user experience and efficiency while meeting the ever-increasing regulatory requirements in a system that offers the highest levels of cyber security available
  • Automic created Australia’s first and only cloud-native and API-enabled single registry and employee share plan platform of scale

Registry and professional services provider, Automic Group, has become the number one registry provider in Australia with 750 of the 2300 trading companies on the ASX, after the transition of 180 companies from Advanced Share Registry Limited, which it acquired via a Scheme of Arrangement in December 2023.

Automic transitioned in one weekend the registry services for the 180 listed and unlisted entities, containing 1.6 million shareholdings and more than 10 million transactions with no impact to end users or system performance.

The transition, one of the largest ever performed in Australia, gives these companies and their shareholders access to the most advanced proprietary registry platform in Australia with a full range of related capital markets and investor-related services. These services are provided via the only cloud-native and API-enabled offering of scale that delivers both share registry and employee share plans on a single platform.

Automic is also the leading IPO registry provider in Australia, winning 55 per cent of IPOs in 2022-23, number one in registry transitions, with about 70 per cent of listed registry transitions between 2021 and 2023 and manages professional services to a further 650 funds and private unlisted companies.

Automic Group CEO, Andrew Wilson, said that Automic has been able to claim the top spot from legacy Australian share registries after only eight years in operation, because of its ability to make it easier for companies to manage their registers while providing their investors with a more modern and intuitive user experience they have come to expect. At the same time, Automic’s modern technology helps companies more effectively keep up with the evolving regulatory landscape in a system that offers the highest levels of cyber security available.

“We saw that ASX-listed businesses found that older system structures inherently made it increasingly difficult to meet their governance and security requirements in the face of accelerating regulation change, ever- increasing cybersecurity threats and rapidly evolving investor service expectations.

“Automic was never hamstrung by legacy technology systems, as we designed and created Australia’s first and only cloud-native and API-enabled single registry platform of scale. This modern architecture enhances data management quality, user experience, performance and security and allows us to implement improvements quickly.  As a result, it provides industry-leading client company service, shareholder experience and employee share plans with all the advanced services in the one platform under one log-in.”

It is this platform structure enables Automic to meet another essential need around security, providing industry-leading security with all data hosted in AWS data centres and encrypted in transit and at rest and an industry-leading 99.99% uptime across all components.

“Our data centres are in clusters across distinct physical locations with redundant architectures guaranteeing high availability. Our dynamic cybersecurity strategy blends a strict adherence to ISO 27001 controls with a robust array of advanced technical measures and continuous security enhancements, providing its clients with better capabilities to adhere to proper governance,” said Mr Wilson.

The Automic platform has also ridden the trend for more efficient shareholder register management and analytics and a suite of company and governance-related services that allow public companies, unlisted clients and fund managers to manage their relationships more effectively with key stakeholder groups – shareholders, employees and capital markets.

“This includes having one of the industry’s most efficient Company Secretary and client company user platforms with fully integrated cap tables to facilitate efficient management of issued capital, automated calculation of placement capacity, real time extraction of data and tracking and alerting of director, interested parties or watch listed trades, and automated ASX appendices.”

“Businesses now need to navigate the market more effectively than they used to due to an ongoing volatile environment and evolving stakeholder needs. So, we are the only registry in the market with a holistic and actively involved capital market consultancy to help our clients build better relationships with their stakeholders during challenging times. These services include fund registry, analytics, employee share plans, investor services, corporate actions, CFO advisory, company secretarial, ESG, investor relations, communications, and media relations,” said Mr Wilson.


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About Automic Group

Automic Group is an Australian provider of integrated registry, employee share plan, board management, ESG and investor services solutions. Our proprietary technology is combined with a complementary suite of professional services, including Company Secretarial, CFO Advisory, ESG and Investor and Media Relations, to make it easier for companies and managed funds to do business. Our technological innovations play an increasingly important role as a key differentiator in our complete service offering. Our scalable cloud-native, highly adaptive, and secure platform continues to challenge the status quo to deliver tailored solutions, automation, and efficiencies for clients, employees, and investors. Today, over 1,400 ASX-listed and unlisted entities and funds trust Automic to manage their registry, investor and board requirements.