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Rigorous Testing Reconfirms the Security of Automic’s Technology

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Automic Group has again confirmed that security is of the highest priority when it comes to technology.

After undergoing extensive penetration testing to assess the security controls deployed, cyber security company CyberCX, declared that the Automic security protocols could not be penetrated during this exercise, with the company unable to gain access to data and application functionality of either the Issuer or Investor applications.

As stated by CyberCX in their final report, this is a result of modern and effective design, in line with best practice secure development guidelines.

The quality and security of Automic Group’s Company Secretary, Registry and Legal Platforms is continually validated by independent annual penetration testing and maintaining the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 accreditations.

Your business is in safe hands with Automic.


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