The Latest from Automic Group

October technology update

We’ve released a number of key updates to our technology, including several meeting enhancements, general performance updates and the following new functionality:

  • e-Statements: We have made a further enhancement to electronic communications to facilitate the complete digital experience.
  • RG97 Dashboard: For our retail Managed Funds clients, a new “RG97 dashboard” for enhanced investor reporting.
  • Investor Portal Activity Tracker: Our clients now have real-time tracking of online investor activity , accessible as a new widget on the landing page.
  • AML/CTF Automation: Further automation of our electronic AML/CTF services, where now Custom ID verification URLs are automatically embedded into the confirmation and reminders emails.
  • FATCA/CRS reminders: A new alert feature is available in our Investor Portal to remind investors to complete their FATCA/CRS declaration when required. This will further assist our clients in remaining compliant in relation to their FATCA/CRS obligations.
  • Broker Movements: Our Broker Movements report has been further enhanced to assist issuers in understanding more regards where or whom the investors broker is.