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Case Study

Connexion unlocks connected car technology with a simple yet, powerful fleet & rental

The Company

Our client, Connexion, is a fast growing, publicly listed Software As A Service provider in the automotive industry.

Through the use of Connexion’s cloud-based platform, dealerships are able to unlock connected-car technology to manage their fleet in a way that reduces costs and enhances capability and capacity.

With its software already used by over 20% of all franchised dealerships in the US, Connexion holds a strong strategic position from which to continue growing its industry-leading B2B software platform. Connexion continues to expand its proprietary Saas solutions globally.

Their Problem

With more than 4000 dealerships onboard and partnering with major auto manufacturers across the USA, Connexion is a progressive, fast-paced and data-driven ASX-listed company.

Adhering to the requirements of a public company is costly and resource intensive. Connexion they had challenges with on-going costs, transparency and flexibility, particularly with shareholder reporting and the ability to access expert, specialist services when required.

Connexion wanted to stay at the forefront of share registry technology and platforms – not only for the immediate benefits to the company, but to offer shareholders greater support and an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Fortunately, they were able to turn to Automic and tap into their next generation registry and board management technology for a solution.

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Our Solution

We partnered with Connexion over a 6 month period from ideation to full implementation. During this time, we worked together to map out and fully understand Connexion’s requirements, define an agreed project scope and deliver on time and within budget. Our experience, allowed us to be flexible during the implementation and we delivered an integrated solution that met all Connexion’s needs.

The Outcome

As soon as Connexion’s transition to Automic’s registry platform was complete the following benefits were realsied:

  • An immediate reduction in on-going costs relating to share registry and governance requirements
  • Easily generated shareholder reporting with real time data; and
  • The ability to access Automic’s export services department for specialist advice.

Of course, these benefits are secondary to the fact that Automic was able to help Connexion free up resources to focus on the important tasks of continuing to grow their leading edge, fleet management technology as well as returning shareholder value.

Since moving our Share Registry services to Automic for their leading-edge solutions, their experience and support have gone above and beyond expectations. The transition was quick, seamless and stress-free.


Ben Stanyer, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Connexion

Why Automic Group?

Founded as a share registry business with technology at our core, we are driven by the success of our clients and their organisations. As the leading cloud-based registry in Australia, we work with organisations both listed and unlisted, large and small to meet their specific requirements while increasing efficiencies and reducing overall risk.

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