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Expert guidance and support ensures the seamless transition to an ASX-listed entity for 1stGroup

Client Success Story

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The Company

1stGroup Ltd (ASX:1ST) creates powerful, user-friendly technology platforms that connect consumers to healthcare services and health information at any time, wherever they are. They also offer a range of online services and technologies to help businesses achieve greater customer engagement and retention.

The Challenge

Between 2012 and 2015, 1stGroup operated as an unlisted public company and undertook various seed capital rounds during that period. Whilst successful in providing the necessary capital the company required for growth, it also highlighted the need for dedicated governance and risk management support. These needs only grew when 1stGroup became a publicly-listed entity in 2015.

How the Automic Group Delivered

Automic Group began by implementing simple monthly routines that allowed 1stGroup to identify and mitigate potential risks. To assist with ongoing compliance, risk mitigation and governance, Automic Group’s Andrew Whitten was also appointed as 1stGroup’s outsourced Company Secretary. This allowed 1stGroup access to the required expertise without having to dedicate a full-time resource in-house, an option not commercially viable for a company the size of 1stGroup.

As 1stGroup grew, so did its needs. When 1stGroup undertook an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2015, Automic Group helped to ensure a smooth process by providing an all-inclusive service offering comprising company secretarial and registry services.

“From the early days in 2012 to an IPO in 2015 and now an ASX-listed company, the support and guidance from Automic Group each step of the way has been instrumental in our success.”

The Results

The appointment of Automic Group enabled 1stGroup to fill gaps within their team in a cost-effective manner which helped them grow their business while meeting all their regulatory requirements. Under the guidance of Andrew Whitten, the team helped to ensure 1stGroup made a smooth transition from an unlisted company to a publicly-listed entity, providing expert guidance and support to the 1stGroup Board and Management team. Automic Group continues to work closely with 1stGroup as they continue to grow and mature. As of 2018, the list of professional services provided by Automic Group to 1stGroup included registry and company secretarial services.