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Digital Governance: Benefits of Automic's Board Management Software

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Digital Governance: Benefits of Board Management Software

The crux of effective board governance hinges more than ever on the sophistication of board management software. The leap in technology, especially prominent with board management software in Australia and tailored solutions like board management software for nonprofits, is reshaping the foundations of board operations. The following exploration delves into the seismic shift board management software is having on the governance of Boards while highlighting the principal functions, benefits, and the pivotal role it is having on refining board processes, bolstering team dynamics, and amplifying productivity.

Evolution of Board Governance

Board governance has been crying out for innovation. The heavy reliance on antiquated methods and the security pitfalls of some communication methods have highlighted the dire need for a more integrated and secure governance model. As we sail into the digital future, the demand for best board management software grows ever louder.

Key Features

New board management software is renowned for its comprehensive functionality, designed to untangle the knots of governance. These functionalities include:

  • Meeting Packs: Create and manage agendas and board papers easily and efficiently with automated agenda content management in one secure cloud-based location. Easily distribute to board members for comments, review, and sign-off within the module.
  • Minutes: Draft minutes are created automatically from the agenda content. These can be easily updated during a meeting in real-time. Minutes are distributed electronically for comments and electronic signing by the chairperson.
  • Action Items: Create action items directly from meeting minutes. Assign and manage these items through an interactive dashboard that allows individuals to create comments and manage due dates.
  • Circular Resolutions: Create circular resolutions within the secure portal and automatically email them to directors for electronic signing using our proprietary e-sign solution.

Benefits for Board Members

The deployment of board management software offers a myriad of advantages for board members:

  • Enhanced Communication: Encourages seamless interaction, a key benefit of board management software that enhances teamwork
  • Time Efficiency: Automates administrative duties, freeing up time for important strategic focus, a notable feature of board management software in Australia.
  • Informed Decisions: Ensures immediate access to critical information, enabling sound decision-making, an important feature of the best board management software.
  • Robust Security: Minimises data breach risks with stringent security measures, a critical concern addressed by board management software for nonprofits and corporate boards.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Promotes a culture of openness and responsibility, aligning with ESG standards.

Automic Group’s Board Management Software

Automic Group’s board management software distinguishes itself through unparalleled functionality, efficiency and automation. Designed to serve the specific requirements of boards, including those in the nonprofit sector and corporate entities in Australia, our software includes:

  • Capital Management: A real time capital ledger to streamline ASX lodgments and automate 7.1 and 7.1A placement capacity calculations
  • Director Management: Automated features for director monitoring and auto-population of onboarding, trade and offboarding notices
  • Board Management: Integrates with other platforms to enhance communications, data-driven campaigns and support better decision making
  • API Management: Board pack workflow, automate key documents, digital review and signing and expedite minutes and actions, a strength of board management software in Australia.

Automic’s platform is by far the most timesaving and cost reducing tool for listed entity Company Secretarial duties I am aware of. Board management activities are more cohesive as the technology reduces errors in reporting and data storage management is enhanced.
– Tearum Corporate Services


By addressing traditional management challenges with a holistic solution, Automic Group’s software not only improves governance but also ensures a seamless experience with additional integrations and technological advancements for share registry clients.

Automic’s Leading Technology

Launched in March 2022, our next generation Automic Registry delivers unparalleled functionality, efficiency and automation.

  • Real time generation of placement capacity
  • Automated management of director holdings
  • Automated generation of appendix 3X, 3Y, 3Z
  • Secure data repository
  • API Library
  • Purpose built electronic signatory function

We invite executives, board members, and governance professionals to experience the transformative power of Automic Group’s board management software. For more details or support, reach out to us and begin enhancing your governance framework.

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