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Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

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Virtual and hybrid meeting solutions to suit your requirements

Automic Group offers purpose built technology solutions that are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the market, clients and on-going legislative changes. Our virtual meeting solution is secure, provides real-time live polling and is compliant with legislative requirements.

Automic’s meeting technology delivers unparalleled engagement for shareholders who can register, attend and vote online at the virtual meeting. Using best in class technology, we can assist with your upcoming AGM or EGM.

Virtual and hybrid meeting solutions to suit your requirements

What are the benefits of virtual meetings?

Real-time results

Voting is captured live and completely visible to the company.

Increased shareholder participation

Virtual meetings increase participation as they are not reliant on shareholders’ location.

Instant reporting

Immediate availability of reporting saves time traditionally spent waiting for the manual processing of poll cards.

Secure online voting

Shareholders log in through a secure portal, so all voting details are protected.

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