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What is Financial Function Outsourcing

What is Financial Function Outsourcing?

Considering the fast-paced and regulation-heavy business environment we are operating in today, we are seeing a strategic pivot towards listed companies and unlisted entities outsourcing the CFO function or working with Automic’s external finance advisory. Automic work with many ASX listed and unlisted companies, who are aiming to navigate the complexities of financial management with agility, are looking towards financial function outsourcing as a viable solution. To stand out from the crowd financial outsourcing solutions need to cater to the bespoke needs of every financial services business process outsourcing client.

Financial service outsourcing, represents a strategic delegation of financial tasks that include, bookkeeping, payroll, and indiect taxes. Importantly, this approach is not about task delegation, but rather, it is an evolution in how companies manage their financial operations amidst a growing regulatory maze. The adoption of financial services business process outsourcing frees up essential resources, allowing businesses to remain focused on their vision, mission and strategic growth.

What are the benefits to outsourcing my financial services?

  • Cost Reduction: Financial service outsourcing is synonymous with cost efficiency. By transitioning to financial outsourcing solutions, businesses can significantly reduce the overhead associated with maintaining an in-house finance team
  • Enhanced Focus: Financial services business process outsourcing allows companies to reallocate their focus and resources towards areas that fuel growth and innovation, rather than spend time and resources on the complexities of financial management
  • Expertise and Compliance: External financial outsourcing solutions, such as Automic Group, bring to the table specialised financial expertise. This expertise is crucial for enhancing accuracy, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance in financial reporting
  • Time Efficiency: Financial process outsourcing enables businesses to save a substantial amount of time, which can be redirected towards strategic planning and execution
  • Innovative Reporting: Financial service outsourcing firms often utilise the latest technologies to provide advanced financial reporting, offering valuable insights for better decision-making.

The Solution: Automic Finance – Accounting Services

At the heart of Automic Finance’s service offering is the accounting services function, embodying the pinnacle of financial services business process outsourcing. The outsourced accounting services function provides:

  • Accounting inbox maintenance
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Payment processing
  • Purchase order creation and matching
  • Customer invoicing
  • Payroll services (including payroll tax, workers compensation, superannuation, PAYG)
  • GST compliance (BAS and IAS)

Financial Support

Automic Group’s financial outsourcing solutions are designed to offer flexibility, catering to businesses seeking comprehensive financial management or targeted support. Services encompass a wide range of financial tasks, ensuring businesses can find the exact support they need to thrive.


The journey towards leveraging financial service outsourcing represents a transformative step for businesses aiming to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.

Automic Group stands ready, with its bespoke financial outsourcing solutions, to guide your business toward financial optimisation and success. Embrace the future of financial management by exploring the vast potential of financial process outsourcing with Automic Group. Contact us today at sales@automicgroup.com.au to learn more and take the first step toward financial excellence.