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An intelligent purpose-built solution for Company Secretaries.

CoSecPRO is a unique and secure cloud-based platform that automates time-consuming administrative tasks and provides a centralised hub to manage meetings and compliance work. Access and manage all your documentation in the one portal and improve efficiency, consistency and compliance.

Module 1

Meeting Packs

Create, manage and share agendas and meeting papers easily and efficiently with automated agenda content management in one secure cloud-based location. Adaptable to manage board, committee and internal meetings within the one platform.

Module 2

Minutes and Action Items

Draft minutes are created automatically from the agenda content and meeting papers. Minutes are distributed electronically for comments and electronic signing by the chairperson. Efficiently capture and manage action items for all meeting types, and assign, track and update open and closed items.

Module 3

Circular Resolutions

Circular resolutions are created within the secure portal and automatically emailed to directors for electronic signing using our proprietary e‑sign solution.

Module 4

Placement Calculator

The Placement Calculator gives you the power to quickly and accurately calculate 7.1 and 7.1A placement capacities using the automated registry data feed.

Discover the difference

Governance Hub

A secure portal to share and manage corporate documents.

Secure Cloud-Based Portal

Easily manage single or multiple entities securely in the one cloud-based portal to improve accuracy and productivity.

Automate the Way You Work

Intelligent, purpose-built features automate administrative tasks, streamline processes and enhance risk mitigation.


Automic Registry and CoSecPRO integrate seamlessly to deliver real-time information, enabling you to operate effectively and efficiently.

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