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We deliver the best registry experience in the Australian market

Automic provides a superior registry experience for you and your securityholders. We offer customised solutions and a dedicated team to meet your unique needs, supported by market-leading technology to increase efficiency for your business.

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We deliver the best registry experience in the Australian market

The foundations of our registry offering


Cloud-based infrastructure combined with modern architecture enables real-time access to data from anywhere on any device. Our platform offers a simple user-friendly client experience, which means more satisfied security holders.

Quality and Security

Automic Group operates to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Data Security accreditations. You can rest assured that your data and your business is in safe hands with us.


We strive to deliver a premium service to all clients. Our people are passionate, highly committed industry experts who take service seriously. Our most recent NPS was 72.


Our value-based pricing is structured to meet client requirements. Our pricing is transparent and always supported by clear service level agreements.

Switching your register to Automic Group is simple

Automic Group has automated the process of moving your register and has extensive experience completing this process. In the last 5 years we have transitioned more clients on to our platform than any other provider.

We take the lead to ensure the transition process is seamless for you. From the outset, we appoint a dedicated client manager who looks after communications with your incumbent registrar, your securityholders, and provides the required notifications to the applicable regulators.

We make it our job to take care of your business and your investors.

Switching your register to Automic Group is simple

Leading the industry in technology

Using the latest agile software development methods and technologies, as well as leveraging the multiple advantages of cloud hosting via Amazon Web Services, we continue to develop our platform for the benefit of our clients and their securityholders. Automic will be first to move to a DLT integration which will give issuers more control, better access to data analytics and increased levels of privacy and integrity.

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We provide the full suite of registry services

Registry Maintenance Services

Our core registry service incorporates day-to-day maintenance of the ownership records of our clients securities, whether it be company shares, derivatives, structured products or managed funds. Underpinned by our innovative technology, we streamline and automate processes to deliver a premium service to our clients and their securityholders.

Corporate Actions

Whether it’s an IPO, Rights Issue, Share Purchase Plan, or a merger, we approach all corporate actions with comprehensive planning and a focus on the detail. Our highly skilled in-house corporate actions team generates successful outcomes for our clients, helping them move their companies onto the next stage.

Investor Services

At Automic Group, facilitating payment disbursements, managing share transfers, or keeping track of, and communicating with, securityholders is a critical share registry function. Through our consultative approach, we understand our clients' requirements and provide securityholders with the support required for the day-to-day administration of their holdings.

Meeting Services

Our specialist meeting services team plan and manage all aspects of our client's meetings, including both proxy and direct pre-meeting voting together with virtual and physical meeting services. Most importantly, we provide clients with crucial real-time, online reporting and support them with our solicitation services where required. As our technical expertise as a registrar is regularly in demand, we regularly act as scrutineer to ensure listed issuers are in full compliance with regulatory requirements. For large-scale poll voting, we have built technology to deliver timely and accurate voting results.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

At Automic Group, we provide you with the integral registry support required for an IPO. We appoint a dedicated and experienced IPO specialist who will guide you towards a successful listing. We recognise that clients need a reliable partner who will ensure that no detail is overlooked, and who will oversee all administrative services associated with the IPO. The team at Automic Group ensure this process is seamless for your existing securityholders, as well as a positive experience for new securityholders.

Managed Funds

Our managed funds division provides ongoing registry services for a diverse range of wholesale and retail managed investment schemes. Utilising our technology expertise, we have built a solution that supports complete unit registry administration services, onboarding and offer management, distributions, payments, corporate actions, investor communications, compliance reporting, and statutory reporting. Automic Group works closely with a number of local and global custodians to meet the requirements of various responsible entities. We provided both listed and unlisted services as well as dual-listed and unlisted structures.

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Registry FAQs

+ What is a share registry?

Companies must keep a record of all the shares they've issued. This record is known as a share register or shareholder register. Share registry providers such as Automic work on behalf of companies to manage their list of shareholders and provide on-going management of changes to shareholder personal details and their holdings.

+ How does a share register work?

Shareholders will typically have a relationship with both the broker and the share registry. Share registry providers such as Automic are the main point of contact for shareholders who want to enquire about their holdings. They also manage important functions such as payment of dividends, shareholder voting and distribution of company reports.

Employee share option plans are also tracked by registries.