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Media, Defamation and Reputation

Media, Defamation and Reputation

Media, communications and defamation in Australia is highly complex and requires a thorough and expert understanding.

Having advised and acted in significant media and defamation matters (for both media organisations and individuals and entities the subject of publications), Automic understands the importance of reputation and that the court of public opinion counts.

Acting decisively and swiftly in addressing defamatory publications (actual or proposed) and reputational risk issues can greatly impact the nature and extent of any reputation damage and harm suffered. Equally, responding to allegations that publications are defamatory or cause reputational harm in a prompt and decisive manner can also assist in mitigating the risk of claims.  Automic recognises this and can provide prompt strategic advice and representation designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Automic Legal assists its clients with all aspects of media, defamation and reputational matters by providing strategic advice (both pre and post publication), reputation management, public relations, communication strategies, evidence-gathering solutions and representation in defamation proceedings (pursuing and defending).

Complimented by Automic Legal’s commercial expertise, Automic can also provide strategic and effective advice on licensing, broadcasting, production matters and documentation.

Media, Defamation and Reputation

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