The Latest from Automic Group

Tech Innovation that’s Changing the Game within Professional Services

Technology is at the forefront of everything we do within the Automic Group. Our integrated professional services offering straddles Registry, Company Secretarial, Accounting and Legal, we’re presently the only company in Australia offering this combination of services specifically to the small to mid-cap market.

We combine the best aspects of innovative technology and the highest standards of manual client servicing to deliver a sophisticated registry user experience and are building out additional capabilities to further enhance the user experience, reducing the overall administrative burden for our clients.

Typically, Registry and Company Secretarial services have been built on manual processing, we are devising a new way of managing administrative processes that requires less human input. Internally, we use technology to integrate our core business areas to create efficiencies, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Our in-house software development team is comprised of industry leading talent; highly experienced senior software engineers and user experience designers. This handpicked team of specialists build our software from the ground up, using cutting-edge technologies and modern digital architecture principles, underpinned by sophisticated cloud solutions. From the outset our CIO, Marcelo Dantas, wanted to build a locally based team who could operate within and understand the business.

Our platform is the most innovative, intuitive, scalable and resilient share registry system available in the Australian market.
– Marcelo Dantas, CIO, Automic Group

Dantas explains; “Part of the reason we have so much confidence in our product is because we’ve conceptualised and built every part of it from the ground up, with very specific performance goals in mind. We know what intuitive innovation is and we have created a personalised solution based on client requirements. Our platform is like no other in Australia. As we developed it, we engaged clients each step of the way, obtaining their feedback. This allowed us to simplify processes and enhance features and functionality”.

“We’re now very confident that our platform is the most innovative, intuitive, scalable and resilient share registry system available in the Australian market.”

Dantas continues; “As an integrated professional services group, our technology offering underpins our client service capability and creates commercial advantages. We’re tightly focussed on continuous improvement and innovation, delivering new functionality for clients.

Our technology enables high levels of automation, which has several key advantages for clients;

  1. Less manual processing, saving time
  2. Greater levels of accuracy, as algorithms work to detect errors or discrepancies
  3. Real time access to data from any location, on any device

The way that Automic Group enables clients to access and work with data on their registry represents a massive shift from the way that the industry has traditionally operated. While some companies charge clients for access to their own data, and profit from being a gatekeeper, we empower clients with easy, free access and the ability to access real time updates and run reports.

Looking to the future, we are working on some exciting and game changing new developments that are poised to disrupt the market and set a new benchmark for client experience.