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How Do You Know If You’re At Risk, Or a Quality Connoisseur?

Whilst many claim to be committed to quality and security, very few truly live it. At Automic we don’t believe in bullshit. If we say something, we need to be able to back it up 100%. This is what led us to become the first registry provider in Australia to achieve ISO accreditation across our entire quality management systems.

As you are no doubt aware ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), is a global organisation that provides world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. To achieve ISO accreditation you need to pass a strict set of reviews and requirements which then need to be maintained and assessed by auditors on a regular basis.

Whilst the process of achieving ISO accreditation is rigorous and extensive, it was important to us to achieve it for 3 main reasons:

  1. To validate that our quality management systems and security practices were of the highest, internationally recognised standards
  2. To give our customers absolute confidence in our services, systems, and our people – after all, we mean what we say
  3. Provide a point of differentiation in the market – in many other industries, ISO accreditation is an important requirement in building trust and credibility with customers, and we think the registry industry is no different.

Of course it’s simply not enough to achieve accreditation once and assume that’s an infinite validation of the quality and stability of your business. We undergo strict regular audits to maintain our ISO accreditation, which means we are truly committed to adhering to the highest possible quality and security standards.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case everywhere. In fact, where many seem to fall short is assuming that they simply need to focus on the most obvious and basic of requirements. The reality is that to truly de-risk your business and provide absolute confidence, you need to take a coordinated, integrated and pervasive pursuit of quality. Not only does this apply to every business unit, service offering and product, but should extend throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


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