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Junior Full Stack Software Engineer

Established in 2012, Automic has set a new standard in personalised customer service in the registry service industry delivered through tailored solutions, led by governance professionals and supported by highly experienced staff and market leading technology. 

Automic’s innovative technology platform has been designed and built in-house by a team of highly experienced developers. Leveraging the latest tools and practices – including Amazon web services infrastructure, continuous delivery, Java Spring framework, and Angular JS front-end. Automic’s platform is highly adaptive, enabling us to continually enhance our solution to meet client requirements. 

Our culture is innately entrepreneurial, comprising people who thrive in an atmosphere where ideas, actions and initiative are encouraged, and the team is committed to delivering superior solutions to customers. 

Position Summary
The Junior Full Stack Software Engineer draws upon experience to take ownership of the ongoing design and development of Automic’s registry platform. In this role you will work very closely to Business Analysts, Product Owner, Operations and Sales team in order to discuss requirements and understand the business value of what each task is trying to achieve. In this role you will report directly into the CIO. 

Performance Objectives 

  • Designing reusable OO systems and components 
  • Building high quality, modular, well-documented, reusable code 
  • Developing web, middleware and integration with third party systems 
  • Assisting with iteration planning and progress monitoring 
  • Developing automated tests 
  • Participate of code reviews and design sessions of new features 
  • Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and support of production live systems 
  • Key personal capabilities for success in this role (Traits) 
  • Logical/Problem Solver – Think things through logically. You have an eye for patterns and meanings, and love tackling (and solving!) problems. 
  • Driven/Reliable – You enjoy taking responsibility and ownership of your work and consistently deliver good quality results. Nothing gets by you, nothing gets dropped. 
  • Team builder – you will leverage your ability to develop others to create a high performance team. 
  • Resilient – even when things are difficult, you will continue to work through a positive outcome for our customers and Automic team. 
  • Quick learner/Efficient – You are a quick learner, a great multi-tasker and effective in adopting new processes, techniques and best practices 
  • Executer – Able to get the hands dirty when required. 

Desired Capabilities (Skills) 

  • Awareness of commercial OOP with Java and JEE in a highly technical environment 
  • Awareness of exposing and consuming REST services 
  • Exposure Angular or Angular JS or equivalent MVC framework 
  • Applied understanding of design patterns, Java MVC frameworks and ORM technologies 
  • A solid understanding of Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SAAS, responsive design and web technologies in general 
  • Strong analytical and logical skills 
  • Commitment to achievement of deadlines 
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to articulate complex ideas and concepts 
  • Strong desire to learn and be exposed to the latest in web-scale technologies 
  • Familiarity with Scrum or Extreme Programming project methods 
  • BS in Computer Science or a relevant degree 

To apply please email:  careers@www.automicgroup.com.au